KRAL Screw Pumps.

Cost-saving Conveying of High Quantities of Different Viscosities.

KRAL screw pumps are powerful, efficient and reliable. Low maintenance and low pulsation service even for high viscous fluids.

With KRAL screw pumps, you buy high quality and reduce costs for many years: through high flow rate, low-maintenance operation, flexible application possibilities, space-saving installation and long service life even with abrasive and corrosive media.
KRAL products offer maximum flexibility for variable operating conditions – 70 years of experience in the industry speak for themselves.

Good controllability of the positive displacement screw pumps.

KRAL screw pumps offer the advantage of a linear flow rate principle. This enables simple and cost-effective volume control via the motor speed, as well as a consistently high and continuous flow rate, even if the viscosities change.
This combination of cost-saving control with consistently high flow rates for high and low viscosity media is not possible with functional principles such as centrifugal pumps.

Low-pulsation pumping of liquids for various applications.

KRAL screw pumps are self-priming and pump fluids of different viscosities particularly gently and quietly. The pumped medium is not squeezed, there are no pressure pulses, which damage the pump, piping or other components or cause vibrations. Pumps, such as piston pumps, can damage the pump, the system and the pumped medium due to much stronger pressure pulsations. KRAL pump solutions are suitable for many different applications (e.g. oil, bitumen, polyurethanes) where operation without pulsation is necessary.

Screw pumps from KRAL offer high performance in a small space.

Space for setting up or installing of positive displacement screw pumps is expensive and often short. Compared to pump solutions with centrifugal pumps, for example, KRAL screw pumps offer a high flow rate, a small space requirement and high efficiency.

KRAL screw pumps are versatile and can be used in a wide variety of industries.

Pumping liquids is a demanding task. Whether lubricating oil or even if the medium is abrasive. When selecting and dimensioning a screw pump, the pumped fluids, the operating conditions, the installation site as the standards, guidelines and directives have to be taken into consideration. A great deal of application knowledge is required to ensure that no mistakes are made in the product or solution.

KRAL offers this comprehensive knowledge. The company has been manufacturing self-priming screw pumps since 1950 for many industries and uses its decades of application know-how as well as its highly qualified employees for the continuous further development and innovation of its products.

In many situations, KRAL screw pumps therefore offer clear advantages over competitor solutions. Please contact us. We will be pleased to advise you on the best technical and price solution for your purposes.

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