FlangeFlangeThe flange is designed for mounting the pump into a tank.
InstallationInstallationWhen installed in the tank, the discharge flange is located above the tank cover.
LeakageLeakageThe internal leakage return is especially important in case of dry-well installation.
Hydrodynamic balanceHydrodynamic balanceHydrodynamic balance is applied to reduce wear and noise emission.

KRAL W Series Screw Pumps.

The KRAL pump for difficult fluids.

The W series from KRAL is primarily used when dirty or low-viscosity media are used. Robust polymer coating and continuous flow rates at differential pressures up to 120 bar – these features are combined in the KRAL W series screw pump.

Operation, materials, components.

  • Delivery rate: 15 to 290 l/min.
  • Max. differential pressure: 120 bar.
  • Viscosity: > 1 mm²/s.
  • Max. temperature: To 180 °C, magnetic coupling to 300 °C.
  • Installation: Wet or dry.
  • Spindle housing: Nodular cast iron EN-GJS-400, polymer-coated or other material options.
  • Screws: Steel, nitrided.

Optimum pump for special requirements.

Pumped fluids such as cooling lubricants are difficult liquids. They contain abrasive dirt, mostly metal residues, and must be pumped at high pressure. In addition, they have a very low viscosity of only about 1 mm²/s.

In the KRAL screw pump of the W series, the screw material and the casing coating have been designed for improved sliding properties in such a way that low viscosity fluids can be pumped with high efficiency.

The running casing is coated with a resistant polymer that can absorb particles. The balancing cylinder of the screw pump has orifice insertions to reduce the leakage rate, therefore efficiency remains high.

KRAL pumps for special requirements.

Compared with other screw pump principles, KRAL screw pumps offer a high flow rate while requiring little space. KRAL pumps deliver continuously and with low pulsation, which protects the pumped media even under difficult conditions.

Installation options.

The KRAL W series screw pump can be designed for dry or wet-well installation. For a vertical wet-well installation, a mounting plate is provided.

Your advantages.

  • Resistant, polymer-coated running casing absorbs particles.
  • High pressure up to maximum 120 bar at low viscosity.
  • Conveying abrasive liquids.

  • Gentle conveying of the liquid.

  • Low pulsation, quiet.
  • Multiple installation variations available.
  • For many different applications – as you can see in our product catalog or on our website pump overview.
  • Technical data.
    Technical data15-2632-5455-85105-118
    Qth (1450 min-1, 0 bar)l/min15-2632-5455-85105-118
    Max. pressure at pressure flangebar120120120120
    Temperature max. pumped liquid°C    
    with radial shaft seal NBR 90909090
    with radial shaft seal FKM 150150150150
    with mechanical seal standard 150150150150
    with mechanical seal hard material 180180180180
    with magnetic coupling 300300300300
    max. 100,000100,000100,000100,000
    Max. pressure at suction flangebar    
    with radial sealing ring 6666
    with mechanical seal standard 6666
    with mechanical seal hard material 6666
    with magnetic coupling 6666
  • Models.
    W series flange screw pump

    Universal pump for horizontal installation.

    In-tank W series screw pump

    Pressure port outside of the tank.

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  • Operating instructions.
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