KRAL Flowmeters.

Highly accurate and robust.


Our KRAL precision flowmeters combine the characteristics of robustness and high accuracy. For over 30 years, our products and systems have met a huge number of customer requirements to measure liquid mediums in different industries and applications.

The wide range of applications ranges from low viscose liquids, like petrol, acids and bases, to high viscose liquids with print colours or coal tar. Especially for fuels, like diesel, heavy fuel oil and marine diesel, as well lube or cylinder oil, our products and solutions for flow measurement and consumption measurement are used very often by our customers.

The KRAL flowmeters run with low friction and minimal pressure loss.

Measurement precision.

The KRAL flowmeters are accurate to ± 0.1 % over a wide flow and viscosity range, as the repeatability is better than ± 0.01 %. The long working life and stability over time of KRAL flowmeters show that robustness and precision are not mutually exclusive. KRAL flowmeters are the most exact positive displacement meters in the world.

The measuring principle.

The measurement chamber consists of the casing and two screw spindles. The spindles are driven by the medium in a defined rotation direction and transport the medium continuously through the measuring chamber. The precise measured value is calculated from the known measuring- chamber volume and the spindle rotation speed.

Signal collection.

The signal collection is carried out with two different methods of scanning: Either the flange of the spindle is detected or the pole wheel installed on the shaft of spindle.

Depending on the applications and customer requirements regarding signal resolution, the method of signal collection is selected (and therefore the type of pole wheel).

High-accuracy flow measurement even under harsh operating conditions.