Radial shaft seal ringRadial shaft seal ringThe CK series screw pump is only available with a radial shaft seal ring. The CL series screw pump can be equipped with different shaft sealing options thanks to the longer screw set. External bearings are also possible. This pump line is used as a horizontal or vertical foot-mounted or flange-mounted pump as well as in in-tank vertical arrangements.
Longer screw setLonger screw setThanks to the longer spindle an external ball bearing is optionally offered.
Seal housingSeal housingDepending on the operational requirements various shaft seal options are possible for the CL series. The CL series screw pump is the cartridge (insert) pump of the CG series. The various housing options allow enormous flexibility in terms of the liquid connections. An external overflow valve can optionally be attached to the CG series screw pumps.
Flexible connectionsFlexible connectionsIf the outer casing is made from fabricated steel, then almost any positioning, direction, size, type and rating of flange can be achieved. It can be ideally suited to match the installation situation.
External overflow valveExternal overflow valveThe overflow valve ensures that the liquid is rerouted should excess pressurization occur.
Housing variantsHousing variantsDepending on the operational requirements cast iron or steel housings are offered for the CG series.

KRAL C Series Screw Pumps.

For pressures of up to 100 bar.

Efficient, self-priming high-pressure pump up to 100 bar.
Pump solution for high pressures at an excellent price-performance ratio. With KRAL screw pumps of the C series you buy high-pressure pumps with all the advantages of our KRAL pumps K and L: robust, low-wear, flexible, space-saving, durable and much more. Compared to other pump solutions, KRAL screw pumps convince with highest reliability, even under different operating conditions the screw pumps are highly efficient.

Due to the wide range of possible applications, we offer the KRAL C series as standard in the CK, CL and CG series. The main components of these pumps are all the same, the differences lie in the individual details, matched to the requirements in different applications (see detailed description below).

Application examples: Injection pumps, feed pumps, burner pumps, jacking pumps, transformer oil cleaning pumps, hydraulic pumps and generally all applications in which efficient, reliable high-pressure pumps for lubricating media are required.

Operation, materials, components.

  • Delivery rate CK: 1,750 l/min.
  • Delivery rate CL: 1,750 l/min.
  • Delivery rate CG: 3,550 l/min.
  • Temperature range: -20 °C to 180 °C, magnetic coupling to 300 °C.
  • Pressure range: 70 bar; 100 bar.
  • Housing: Nodular cast iron, steel and aluminium.
  • Spindles: Steel, nitrided.
  • Certifications: ABS, BV, CCS, DNV, GL, LRS, MRS, NK, RINA, KR.
  • ATEX: II 2 GD b/c group II, category 2.
  • Heating: Electrical, fluid media and steam.
  • Manufactured to conform with API.

KRAL CK series.

High-pressure pump for various media, easy to install.

The KRAL screw pump of the CK series is an extremely compact and cost-effective solution for high-pressure applications. It is also the best-selling screw pump line of the KRAL C series. Standardized pump / motor brackets made of aluminum are used for the CK pump - which is reflected in the favorable price and easy installation.

The screw pump of the CK series with its short shaft, radial shaft seal and internal bearings is a preferred solution in many applications.


Your advantages.

  • Flow rates up to 880 l/min.
  • Viscosity of 10,000 mm²/s.
  • Pressure maximum up to 100 bar.
  • Easy installation.
  • Inexpensive product for various pumped media.

KRAL CL series.

Reliable pump at high pressure.

The KRAL screw pump of the CL series is a high-pressure pump with a longer main spindle than the CK screw pump has. It can also be equipped with various shaft seals and external bearings. The KRAL CL series is often used as a horizontal or vertical foot pump or flange mounted pump as well as in tank-vertical arrangements.

KRAL screw pumps of the CL series are also used as cartridge (insert) pump for KRAL screw pumps of the CG series (see below).


Your advantages.

  • Flow rates up to 880 l/min.
  • Viscosity of 10,000 mm²/s.
  • Pressure maximum up to 100 bar.
  • Simple installation.
  • Inexpensive screw pump.

KRAL CG series.

Extremely flexible high-pressure pump.

The KRAL screw pump of the CG series is used as a cartridge pump (insert pump) for the CL series and is available with various housings, relief valves and connections. The housing is available in cast iron or steel. We also manufacture the KRAL screw pumps of the CG series with heating jacket for high-viscosity media. The different housing options allow almost any location as well as many sizes and types of liquid connections.

The KRAL CG series - our flexible product for many different applications – as you can see in our product catalog or on our website pump overview.

Your advantages.

  • Flow rates up to 3,550 l/min.
  • Viscosity of 1,000,000 mm²/s.
  • Pressure maximum up to 100 bar.
  • A variety of housings, relief valves and connections.
  • Housing in cast iron or steel available.
  • Heating jacket for high-viscosity liquids.
  • For almost any location, size and type of liquid connection.
  • External overflow valve can be optionally attached.
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