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KRAL Screw Pumps for Bitumen Applications.


Bitumen is primarily obtained as a vacuum residue in the vacuum distillation of petroleum. Here only special varieties of crude oil can be used – almost exclusively varieties of crude that are high in sulfur. Bitumen mainly consists of high molecular weight hydrocarbon and contains small quantities of sulfur, oxygen and nitrogen. The medium is highly viscous and reaches a fluid consistency only under high temperatures.

KRAL screw pumps for bitumen.

KRAL screw pumps have the capacity to operate within a wide range pressures and product viscosities. These are excellent features when it comes to pumps used in the loading and unloading of bitumen. KRAL pumps have a linear delivery rate characteristic with fine adjustment. This allows you to reduce maintenance costs and optimize the total cost of ownership (TCO).

Also with magnetic coupling for bitumen applications.

For bitumen production, KRAL offers solutions with conventional seals, and pumps with magnetic couplings are also available to provide solutions for specific
customer requirements.


Advantages of KRAL screw pumps.

  • Meet API standards

  • For high viscosity

  • Heating of casing

  • Low TCO

  • Easy maintenance

  • Temperatures up to 300 °C

  • Quiet, no vibration and low pulsation

  • Great suction lift

  • High efficiency and durability.


Product recommendations.

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