KRAL Flowmeters OMS Series.

Stainless steel design for demanding media.

When selecting a flowmeter for demanding fluids, the issue of material resistance always arises. The KRAL flowmeter OMS series is a stainless steel design for low and high viscous media, equipped with ball bearings or plain bearings depending on the application.

Your benefits.

  • High accuracy positive displacement meter.
  • Low service costs and long lifespan with KRAL products.
  • Extremely robust liquid flow meter.
  • Stabilization zones unnecessary.
  • Low friction and minimal loss of pressure.
  • Very compact design of the measuring unit.
  • For harsh industrial conditions.

Application examples.

  • Dosing of resin, paints, adhesives.
  • Coating of propellers in wind power turbines.
  • Insulating materials.
  • Greases and waxes.
  • Water volumetric flow measurements.


  • Housing: Stainless steel.
  • Screws: Stainless steel (coated for high viscosity media).
  • Bearings: Ball or sliding bearings.
  • Gasket with ball bearings: Viton®.
  • Gasket with sliding bearings: Teflon®.