Signal detection via the measuring screwSignal detection via the measuring screwIn the case of signal acquisition via the measuring screw, the screw edge is detected by an impulse transmitter. Two edges per screw revolution are detected, which causes two impulses per screw revolution. Because a screw revolution conveys the exact volume of the measurement chamber, two impulses per measurement chamber volume are generated. This type of signal detection is an affordable solution for all conventional consumption and flow measurement applications.

KRAL Flowmeters OME Compact Series.

Compact 3-in-1-device, ideal for diesel and light oil applications.

KRAL measurement-devices from the OME flow meters in all design sizes always measure in both flow directions. This is made possible by the 3-in-1-sensors, which detect a change in the flow direction automatically and very fast.  Another advantage is the integrated Pt100 temperature sensor, which also measures the temperature of the medium.

By using aluminum for the housing, OME series measurement devices are offered in a light design specifically for measuring light oil consumption, for industries such as inland waterway transport or power generation. As in all KRAL flowmeters, measurements across a range of 1:100 are also attainable for the OME series, due to the precise measurement chamber.

OME thus stands for combined precise measurement of flow, flow direction and temperature – and all of this in the form of a compact, light, and robust meter.

Your benefits.

  • The compact 3-in-1-sensor combines flow measurement, flow direction detection and temperature measurement.
  • High accuracy meter for fuel consumption measurement.
  • Calibration: Every KRAL flowmeter is calibrated on our own test bench.
  • Stabilization zones unnecessary.
  • Low friction and minimal loss of pressure.
  • Easy installation.
  • Affordable solution for diesel and light oils.
  • Most suitable for engines of small vessels, for example fishing vessels or inland waterway transport.
  • Cost-effective flow meters measure oil consumption.

Technical data.

  • Media: Chemically neutral, lubricating, clean, non-abrasive.
  • Integrated flow direction detection.
  • Integrated temperature measurement (Pt100).
  • Signal: Push-pull and Namur.
  • Process fittings: DIN, ANSI and thread.


  • Housing: Aluminum.
  • Screws: Nitrided steel.
  • Bearings: Steel ball bearings.
  • Sealing: FKM. Other seal materials upon request.
  • Technical data.
    Technical dataOME-13OME-20OME-32OME-52
    Nominal diameterDN [mm]152025/3240
     DN [inch]1/23/411 1/2
    Total length with DIN flange[mm]105135185325
    Weight with DIN flange[kg]22412
    Flow rate I/hQmax9002,7009,00031,500
    Flow rate I/minQmax1545150525
    Max. pressure[bar]40404040
    Temperature[°C]-20 to +125-20 to +125-20 to +125-20 to +125
    Viscosity[mm²/s]1 to 1x1061 to 1x1061 to 1x1061 to 1x106
    Precisionof measurement value±0.1 %±0.1 %±0.1 %±0.1 %
    Repeatability ±0.01 %±0.01 %±0.01 %±0.01 %
    K-factorK [P/I]1,214.0321.078.017.73
    Frequencyf at Qnom [Hz]202161130104
  • Sensor.
    SensorBEG 47CBEG 60A-62A*
    Application Ex-rangeStandard compact version
    K-factor K1K1
    Signal NamurPush-Pull
    Temperature[°C]-25 to +100-25 to +100
    Max. pressure[bar]4040
    *dependent on nominal value
  • Operating instructions.