• guaranteed measuring accuracy of the flowmeters calibration service factory test stand

KRAL Calibration Service

The best possible measurement precision of your KRAL flowmeters

Each KRAL flowmeter is tested and calibrated on our factory test stand.  Two types of calibrations are available. First, there is the KRAL factory calibration method, which is our standard, and the alternative is calibration in compliance with the internationally acknowledged standard ISO/IEC 17025. 

KRAL factory calibration features the following services:

  • Standard calibration at KRAL
  • 7-point linearization
  • Specification of the average K-factor based on the measured upper 5 points.
  • Higher flexibility, for example, by adding further measurement points.

Calibration according to ISO/IEC 17025 features the following services:

  • Accredited calibration upon request only.
  • 7-point linearization.
  • Specification of the average K-factor based on the measured upper 5 points.
  • Traceability to national standards.
  • Specification of measurement uncertainty of national standard to test unit.

Your contact partner for factory calibration and calibration according to ISO/IEC 17025 is:

Mr. Andreas Alge
Tel.: +43 / 5577 / 8 66 44 - 353
e-mail: kalibrierstelle@kral-nospam.at

Increase the service life of your KRAL flowmeters
with regular recalibration

KRAL recommends recalibration after one year in operation to ensure technical function and accuracy.

During recalibration, the meter is:

  • Cleaned
  • Checked for damage
  • Wear parts are checked and replaced where needed
  • Calibrated (choice of KRAL factory or ISO/IEC 17025 - calibration according to customer requirements)


Your contact partner for recalibrations is:

Ms. Esma Hrnjica
Tel.: +43 / 5577 / 8 66 44 - 202
e-mail:  kalibrierstelle@kral-nospam.at