Digitalization and Automation.

Digitalization and automation – this is how it works.
Unfortunately, we have to disappoint those who are now expecting a plan that they can work through point by point. We do not have a patent remedy.

What we do have is experience and helpful tips.

We had to roll up our sleeves to implement such an extensive project in only 18 months. We set ourselves this goal – and we achieved it.

How do we remain successful and competitive in the long term?
This question was answered quickly: We wanted to take on a pioneering role in digitalization and automation. And thus draw attention to ourselves and our attractive and modern jobs in the region.

After long deliberations and considerations, the decision was made: We will implement all projects simultaneously and with our own employees. And we would do this alongside our day-to-day business.

Because we wanted to be successful "now"!

Joint further development.
Together we tackled what was necessary for our further development: our new building, the automatic small parts warehouse, a driverless transport system, new production machines and assembly workstations. And the update of our ERP system.

With such a large project, it is important that EVERYONE is behind it.
The employees were not only informed, but involved. We made the project tangible and thus got a fairly concrete picture of the challenges and risks we would be facing. This approach has ensured predictability – and above all security.

Speed and flexibility.
Decisions had to be made quickly. Thanks to the great support of the management, this was possible. Our pragmatic approach was a key to success. We didn't have huge project plans and kept administration very simple.

Knowledge management.
An important component of our corporate development in the area of digitalization is the knowledge management system. Knowledge is captured, grows and is further developed. We have optimized our meeting culture as a result and are able to implement many topics more quickly.

Lean Management.
Just 5 years ago, we filled entire books with production orders. Digitalization has enabled us to reduce annual paper consumption from 4.5 million sheets to 100,000 sheets.

And it goes on ...
We have already realized a lot, but are already planning the next activities. It goes on – because we are motivated to push forward even more.
Now in smaller steps ...

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