Smart Company.

Striving for Excellence.

At KRAL we want to ensure everything is of the highest quality possible. From the start in 1950, we chose to remain an independent family-owned business. Our philosophy is Total Quality Management (TQM). By investing time and money in our products, team and factory, we build towards a bright future where expert employees can work in an efficient workplace and design innovative and high-quality products for our customers. 

High-quality products.
KRAL develops and produces screw pumps and flow measurement technology. We have always strived for high-quality products, without losing sight of a fair price/quality ratio. Our screw pumps are innovative and well equipped to deal with changing circumstances, such as the IMO 2020 regulations for marine fuels. 

KRAL’s screw pumps may not be low cost in the acquisition but will lead to much larger cost reductions because of the high-flow rate, low-maintenance operation, flexible application possibilities, space-saving installation and long service life.

Our flow measurement technology has taken a flight over the last 30 years. We have adapted our systems by using two-screw spindles to work in various industries with a wide range of applications for liquids of both low and high viscosity. Both in accuracy and repeatability, KRAL’s flow measurement technology scores up to than ± 0.1% and ± 0.01% respectively.

High-quality factory. 
Being innovative does not stop at designing the best products. It also means looking thoroughly at your production process. In order to optimize the process, we found that precious time was lost for engineers getting parts from the warehouse and bringing them to the assembly area. To help out our engineers we invested in state of the art technology for our warehouse and production plant. Instead of having to go to the warehouse for parts, our engineers now only have to type in the parts they need and an automated system gets the parts from the warehouse and delivers it to the engineer. An additional advantage is that warehouse accounting is also automated, meaning we will never be out of stock, speeding up the production process. 

High-quality people.
By investing and training our staff in-house, we ensure that everyone working at KRAL possesses the expert knowledge needed to perform accurate, safe, effective and efficient. This way we can assure our customers of high-quality products and if assistance is required, our expert teams of the Customer Center or After Sales Service will be able to assist you quick and adequate. 

High quality all around.
KRAL is continuously focused on improving and innovating its products to ensure high quality in all aspects of our business. Whether it is the products, the factory, the production process or our employees, we will keep up striving for excellence.