Increased Leakage From new Fuels?


HFO = Heavy Fuel Oil.
LFO = Light Fuel Oil.
ULSF = Ultra Low Sulfur Fuel.

The contradiction "mechanical seal".
For a mechanical seal to function properly, the seal faces of the seal ring must be lubricated. This can only be solved by natural leakage.
A contradiction? At first glance, yes. But the escaping liquid has the important task of forming a lubricating film. This film protects both seal faces of the mechanical seal from dry running, friction and wear.
The ratio between good lubrication and low leakage must be right, which is why we use the highest quality sealing materials.

Please contact us, we will advise and support you in selecting the right seal type.

The Hermetically Sealed Magnetic Coupling Helps.

Do you also have the feeling that this natural leakage is increasing recently?
You are not alone with this observation. 
Our mechanical seals have not changed - but the fuels used have! 
With the new IMO regulations, heavy fuel oil has been desulfurized or replaced by low-sulfur fuels. The new fuels have a lower viscosity. 

How does this affect your mechanical seal?
The absence of sulfur reduces the lubricity of the liquid. Your mechanical seal will wear out more quickly as a result. Leakage increases and contamination increases.

And what options do you have now?
Choose a hermetically sealed magnetic coupling. This keeps your machine room clean and is also maintenance-free.

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