Austrian Logistic Award.

And the Winner is ...

With our project "Digitalization and Automation in Production and Logistics", we won the prestigious Austrian Logistics Award 2020 of the Verein Netzwerk Logistik (VNL).

The award winners of recent years include companies such as Triumph, DB Schenker, Henkel, MAN and BMW. KRAL can now also join this exclusive list of winners of the logistics prize. The hard work has paid off. This success is a great confirmation and makes us very proud. The award confirms that we are on the right track.
We have convinced the jury with our project and prevailed against well-known companies. The jury spent a total of around 130 hours deciding on the winner. The decisive factors for the victory included the criteria of quality and independence in implementation, degree of innovation, and sustainability.

For a customer order at KRAL, delivery time and quality are the decisive factors. This was also the decisive factor for the project, which was managed by the company's own employees. In cooperation with innovative partners, it was possible to push ahead at record speed. To date, production lead times have been cut by more than half. Further reductions are planned.

In the process of digitalization and automation, KRAL has updated its ERP system, introduced new systems, and integrated interfaces to external systems. Production was modernized and equipped with processing machines including new manufacturing technology. In logistics, a driverless transport system now transports and delivers components to the target stations in production and assembly. Machines and transport system are integrated into the IT landscape to reduce transport times and idle times. In addition, a fully electronic real-time production planning and control system with dashboards, all order information and interactive terminals at workstations in production was introduced to ensure virtually paperless order processing. Supported by an innovative living knowledge management system, a fast and sustainable implementation was possible.