Fluid Transportation.

Fluid Transportation.

For the last 70 years, KRAL has developed and improved its products in pumping and for the last 30 years also in flow measurement. Our goal is to make fluid transportation as smooth as possible.

Low-pulsation pumping of liquids.
For pumping fluids, we have two- and three spindle pumps. These pumps enable a smooth linear flow rate. The fluids are not squeezed, nor are there pressure pulses. As a result, there are no damages to the piping or any other components. Pumps with magnetic coupling are hermetically sealed and therefore leakage-free. Our pumps are optimized for transporting fluids with high and low viscosities and they are particularly gently and quietly.

High precision flowmeters.
At the beginning of the 1980s, KRAL was faced with the challenge of further optimizing pumps. So Erich Kräutler, son of KRAL founder Oskar Kräutler, set out in search of precise measuring instruments for his own test bench to better evaluate the performance of the pumps. As there were no suitable measuring instruments available, he invented the KRAL flowmeter, also known as "Volumeter". Even today, this precision instrument is still used by the calibration and testing institute for its own measuring tasks.

Flow measurement.
When transporting fuels, a meticulously working KRAL flow measurement system helps reduce costs. Engine manufacturers use  KRAL fuel consumption measurement in test benches for research and development. So engines are optimized. KRAL flow measurement also helps to get insight into high or specific fuel oil consumption at different engine powers. Furthermore, the KRAL system provides other parameters such as fuel temperatures and forward and return flow quantities, from which the circulation rate can be calculated.

Knowledge and service.
Given our long track record in pumping and measurement technology, we have built extensive knowledge and problem-solving competence. This combination of practice and know-how ensures our advantages for both pumping and flow measurement. We are able to consider the entire system based on our knowledge. Service by KRAL includes comprehensive consulting and maintenance. For pumps, this includes new screw packages, reworking of screw boring, new sealing and bearing systems. We also offer recalibration service of flowmeters according to ISO/IEC 17025.



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