Configuration of a new Pump.

What should be considered when purchasing a screw pump?
In order to quickly provide you with a quote for your new pump, we need information about the flow rate, pressure, and number and type of pumped media.

What variables do we need to know?

We need to know the type of fluid. Is there only one fluid to be pumped or is there more than one?

Temperature / Viscosity.
What about the minimum and maximum temperature and viscosity ranges of the fluid?

We also need to know the inlet pressure, the discharge pressure and the required flow rate.

It is also necessary to consider the location where the pump will be used. What type of connections will be needed? Also consider the area where the pump will be placed. Should it be placed vertically or horizontally?

Might you need a hermetically sealed pump?

Should the pump be supplied with a motor or without? What line frequency should it operate at, 50 Hz or 60 Hz?

Are any specific certificates from classification societies required?

What is the process?
Once we have received all the information, the pump will be designed exactly according to the operating data and you will receive a quotation from us.

More than just a pump.
At KRAL, we have a lot of experience with customized products. Our particular strength is our consulting expertise. We attach great importance to providing customers with the best possible support. Our decades of experience give you the assurance that the pump is a perfect fit for the entire system.

Customized products.
We offer a wide range of pumps, but also develop complete systems and modules. These include products such as fuel systems and lube oil systems for diesel engines, turbines and burners. Thanks to our in-depth system know-how, we know the effect of the pumps on the system. This makes us a reliable partner for many years.

Simply arrange a non-binding consultation.
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