KRAL Services for Spare Parts.

Everything old is new again – use only KRAL spare parts.
Use only KRAL spare parts.
KRAL spare parts have highest quality standards.

KRAL customers enjoy fast spare parts service. You will hear from us within one working day. We check whether other spare parts are necessary for your maintenance or repair and also make sure that those requested are the right ones.

To select the correct spare parts please refer to the spare parts numbers from the KRAL operating instructions. If you do not have the instructions handy, we would be pleased to send you the relevant operating instructions.

Would you like to keep essential spare parts on hand, just in case? We would be happy to offer you spare parts for your spare parts storage.

Do you require spare parts or have further questions? Simply call us or use our contact form >>

Your contact partners are:

Spare Parts 
Customer Center After Sales
Tel.: +43 / 5577 / 8 66 44 - 208

Spare Parts
Flow Measurement
Ms. Esma Hrnjica
Tel.: +43 / 5577 / 8 66 44 - 202


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