KRAL Services for In-House or on Site Repairs.

A standstill can result in high costs. We react quickly.
KRAL Services anytime and anywhere around the world.
Advice and expertise.
KRAL Services.

In case of a fault, use the professional help of our service team. If necessary, our service technicians come to your location within the shortest possible time.
If the product is returned to us for repair, you will receive acknowledgement immediately upon our receipt of the shipment. We will not begin with the repairs until you have approved our cost estimate. If returning a product to us for repair, please use our decontamination declaration from below.

You can trust KRAL. For each repair, you will receive a thorough technical report with meaningful illustrations.

Do you need a repair or do you have any additional questions? Simply call us or use our contact form >>

Your contact partners are:

Ms. Jaqueline Girardelli
Tel.: +43 / 5577 / 8 66 44 - 340

Flow Measurement:
Ms. Esma Hrnjica
Tel.: +43 / 5577 / 8 66 44 - 202

Declaration of Decontamination



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