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KRAL Calibration Laboratory.

Periodical recalibration guarantees constant high measurement accuracy of your KRAL Volumeter.
KRAL Calibration laboratory.
KRAL Calibration laboratory is accredited.
Each KRAL Volumeter is tested and calibrated on our factory test stand.

Each KRAL Volumeter is tested and calibrated on our factory test stand.  A test certificate is supplied with each new or re-calibrated flow meter. The certificate also lists whether the Volumeter was subjected to a standard factory test or a calibration according ISO/IEC 17025.

Despite the high dependability and rugged design of the equipment, to maintain optimum accuracy and to ensure its technical functionality, KRAL recommends an initial recalibration after one year of operation. Additional provisions may be documented in your quality assurance system.

At what intervals do recalibrations become necessary, depends strongly on the kind of operating conditions the equipment is exposed to. In less severe conditions it frequently happens that there are no detectable significant changes to the characteristic values, even after years of operation. In severe operating conditions changes well above the nominal flow rate may indicate excessive wear. Deposits from corrosion or abrasion to the main parts where fluid passes through are subject to deterioration and any changes to the original characteristic values can be indicators to this effect.


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