Quick Cost Savings Thanks to Eco-Pilot.

French shipping company TSM is successfully using Eco-Pilot technology to keep an eye on fuel consumption.
With the investment in high performance tugboats (left), TSM is well-prepared for future shipping assignments.

In a similar market environment, different companies take different actions to plot their individual course to success. The shipping company TSM – Thomas Services Maritimes – has identified two decisive factors here: precision in predicting upcoming assignments that could involve the engagement of high performance tugs, and the investment in devices which help crews to be able to independently make good decisions in terms of fuel savings. Loïc Thomas always has to be ready to react to the demands of the market based on the information on hand in order to best handle future tug assignments via optimal scheduling and cost management. It is similar for many inland waterway operators with regard to the type and amount of freight.

This is how output of 600 kW increased to 2,580 kW between 2008 and 2009, and in 2010 from 1,000 kW to 4,000 kw – an increasingly involved cost factor covering the duration of the investment. Modern ship design and engine efficiency can indeed contribute, preventing the output and consumption from growing in a 1:1 way. At the same time, the ship owner would like to confirm that the guarantees of the engine manufacturer are being realised.

Equally important is the human factor. It’s not only the engines that differ in terms of their performance profile – this is likewise true of the crew. This is why Loïc opted for an onboard technology that can help the crew to bring costs down. In 2010 the decision was made to outfit TSM heavy duty tugs with the fuel consumption measuring system. The installations began in 2011 and were completed in 2013.


This article is part 3 in our series on the fuel consumption measurement. In a later instalment (part 4), we report on the installation and getting everything up an running.


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