Water Injection Measurement for Turbines.

Reducing exhaust gas and lowering water costs with the high-precision KRAL flowmeters.
Water injection measurement for turbines.

Exhaust gas reduction protects the environment.

At over 1,200 °C, combustion changes the nitrogen in the air into dangerous nitrogen oxides (NOx). At a lower combustion temperature, NOx is reduced. Water is injected to cool things down. Water injection is usually mechanically controlled, but not electronically regulated. The only way to regulate the rate is by measuring the flow.

KRAL flowmeters measure the rate of water injection very reliably and precisely.

Reducing water costs.

Only demineralized water is suitable for injection. Demineralized water is extremely expensive, sometimes even more expensive than the fuel itself. Water consumption must be optimized. KRAL flowmeters measure demineralized water with great accuracy.

Extremely easy installation.

The accuracy of many water flowmeters depends on the flow profile. They need steadying zones and thus take up a lot of space. When space is limited, stable measurements are extremely difficult to perform. KRAL flowmeters measure independently of the flow profile. The installation is compact. Strainers or flow conditioners are not required.


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