Supplying Fuels for Large Diesel Engines.

KRAL fuel supply systems for large diesel engines meet individual requirements.
Supplying fuel for large diesel engines.

Diesel engines are used wherever maximum power is required at the lowest possible fuel consumption. The engines in diesel power stations run 24-7 or constantly have to be ready for their next tour of duty. These operating conditions also apply to the pumps and pump stations supplying fuel to the engines.

Individualized, reliable fuel supply.

KRAL provides power station operators with top-quality fuel supply systems for diesel and heavy oil for booster modules and for directly supplying large diesel engines. Customized fuel supply systems that are individually tailored to the application ensure optimum operating data and excellent reliability.

Maximum economic efficiency and availability.

Because their product range is finely differentiated, KRAL fuel supply systems provide maximum economic efficiency in a wide variety of different applications. The outstanding quality, high power density and lowpulsation delivery principle of KRAL pumps and pump stations also ensure high plant availability.


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