Upgrade to KRAL Three Screw Pumps With Magnetic Coupling.

With the KRAL pump upgrade project, lifecycle costs can be reduced and safety increased in the power station.
Upgrade to KRAL pumps with magnetic coupling.

Magnetic couplings do not leak.

Unlike mechanical seals, magnetic couplings are hermetically sealed. This has many advantages for safety in the generator hall. The risk of fire is greatly reduced.

Special pump upgrade offer.

Replace your pumps with a mechanical seal, whoever makes them, with KRAL three screw pumps with magnetic coupling. With KRAL magnetic coupling pumps, you avoid fuel leakages and fuel pump failure.

In the Pump Upgrade Project, you can get as many as two KRAL three screw pumps with magnetic coupling free of charge. Trial periods as long as a year are possible. You then decide whether you want to buy or return the pumps. KRAL three screw pumps with magnetic coupling are clean and safe. Magnets are marked red.

Reduced lifecycle costs.

The cost of spare parts and maintenance for mechanical seals increases the lifecycle costs. The mechanical seals in KRAL screw pumps are very high-tech. But even when operating correctly, they are still a wearing part. They incur spare part and maintenance costs.

These costs can only be avoided if the mechanical seals are replaced by a totally different sealing technology. KRAL magnetic couplings are the solution. They replace the mechanical seals and are maintenance-free. A magnetically coupled pump pays for itself in a mere three years.


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