Pump Stations for Industrial Burners.

Lower costs, less space and more functions.
Pump stations for industrial burners.

Maximum operational reliability with a standby pump.

There are critical applications where a second pump is prescribed or advisable for reasons of safety. Typical examples include the booster modules of diesel generators and burners.

Reducing costs with compact functionality.

When a second pump is necessary, it quickly becomes clear that considerable expense is involved in construction, pipework and control. An awful lot of space is also required for a single component setup.

KRAL pump stations for industrial burners offers lower costs, less space and more functions. The totally new KRAL DKC and DMC double stations developments are a far more economical solution. 

Light and heavy oil operation.

Operators do not have the expense of laying extensive pipework for alternating operation between two fluids.

Service without stopping pumping.

The basic idea behind double stations is the security of having a standby pump always available. This ensures maximum availability.

Numerous functions within minimum space.


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