Single Stations of KRAL Screw Pumps for Burners.

Single stations of KRAL screw pumps guarantee maximum functionality and safety of supply for firing systems with liquid fuels.
Single stations for burners.

The tried and tested single station of KRAL screw pumps design is used for supplying fuel to burners wherever customers require a specific single component setup. In larger firing systems, there are usually two or more burner systems installed. This allows the individual systems to be maintained, without having to interrupt the firing process.

Individual, customized setup.

The modular concept of KRAL screw pumps single stations allows the single component setup to be individualized and customized. This is the best way to meet the prevailing installation conditions and the burner application.

The exact solution.

Single stations of KRAL screw pumps provide maximum functionality and safety. Customers get the exact solution they need for their burner applications. Which saves time and expense.


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