Double Stations of KRAL Screw Pumps for Burners.

Optimum, redundant burner supply, exactly tailored to the burner type and the application.
KRAL double stations provide optimum and redundant burner supply.

When it comes to supplying burners with fuel, double stations of KRAL screw pumps are used wherever a second pump is prescribed for reasons of safety. This setup allows the individual pumps to be maintained, without having to interrupt the firing process.

A compact and customized setup.

Double stations of KRAL screw pumps provide a compact, customized setup and meet individual installation conditions. Compact KRAL units in particular provide maximum functionality in the smallest spaces.

Light and heavy oil operation.

Operators do not have the expense of laying extensive pipework for alternating operation between two fluids.

Maximum availability.

A second pump ensures maximum availability of the burner fuel supply.


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