Fuel Consumption Measurement for Turbines.

It is now possible to measure fuel consumption precisely and reliably, directly in the fuel line.
Fuel consumption measurement for turbines.

Reducing fuel costs.

Power station operators record all the parameters that can help to reduce their operating costs. They also check the specifications. This is particularly useful for economy with expensive fuel. Fuel level measurements and quantities in tank calculations vary, depending on the temperature and the fuel involved.

Highly accurate KRAL flowmeters are mounted directly into the fuel line. In systems with several turbines, differential measurement between the forward and return flows provides individual consumption figures for each turbine.

Compact design.

Space is tight in power station modules. Valves and bends in the pipes may be close to the flowmeter. KRAL flowmeters are highly compact, positive displacement meters that do not need a steadying zone.

Sturdy design.

When dual-fuel turbines are switched from gas to diesel fuel, the changeover valve opens very quickly and causes a strong pressure pulse. The flowmeters have to be able to cope with this type of pressure surge. The spindles and casing of KRAL flowmeters are designed for operating conditions of this type and can withstand the forces of pressure pulses.


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