Fuel Consumption Measurement for Diesel Engines.

KRAL fuel consumption measurement takes into account the effects of the engine system and delivers highly accurate measured values.
Fuel consumption measurement for diesel engines.

Generators establish the guaranteed, specific fuel consumption during the warranty period. If fuel consumption is too high, this always indicates that the engine is badly adjusted or needs maintenance.

High system accuracy.

If a measured value is calculated from a number of individual measured values, this increases the error of the overall measurement in accordance with the Gaussian law of error propagation.

With a high measurement accuracy of 0.1%, KRAL flowmeters achieve optimum system accuracy both for idling and at full load.

Multi-engine systems.

Power stations often have several engines. To keep the overall fuel consumption under control, operators want their fuel consumption measuring system to measure many engines. KRAL electronics BEM 900 can clearly show the consumption of as many as 16 engines on a single display.

Flow Measurement KRAL Fuel Consumption Measurement for Diesel Engines



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