Fuel Consumption Measurement for Diesel Engines.

KRAL fuel consumption measurement takes into account the effects of the engine system and delivers highly accurate measured values.
Fuel consumption measurement for diesel engines.

Shorter test bench runs save money.
Fuel scales are high-precision measuring instruments for engine test benches. But a long measurement period is required to achieve maximum measurement accuracy. Long measurement periods consume a lot of fuel. Which makes test bench runs expensive. This applies in particular to researching new and extremely expensive types of fuel.

The short measurement period of a KRAL flowmeters can save you a great deal of money, compared to measuring with a weigher.

Taking temperature differences into account.

The fuel temperature in return flow is as much as 30 °C higher than in forward flow. KRAL fuel consumption measurement records the temperatures of the forward and return flows and calculates the consumption at the temperature level of your choice. In this way, KRAL temperature compensation guarantees highly accurate consumption values.

Compensating for fuel pulsation.

Injection pump pistons cause fluid pulsation in low-pressure fuel pipes. This pulsation causes the fuel to briefly change its direction flow. With KRAL pressure pulse compensation, return flow is detected and compensated for when calculating the measured value. This ensures that the measured values are correct for the specified flow direction.


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