KRAL Flow Measurement Technology for Oil & Gas.

The right fuel balance in multi-engine systems.
KRAL Smart Solution.

To ensure low fuel consumption, the diesel engines have to run at their optimum operating point. KRAL flowmeters re-measure the dieselfuel that is delivered. KRAL flowmeters also measure the extraction flow from the storage tanks. All the measurements together, that is, the engine-related fuel consumption measurement, the quantity in the tank and the quantity extracted from the tank, give the fuel balance. Not a drop is wasted.

KRAL systems centralized display of the fuel consumption of all the engines of a multi-engine system, as well as the opportunity for a customized expansion, in accordance with costumer standards.

This is because KRAL can integrate individual KRAL flowmeters into the fuel consumption measurement, making it possible to carry out complex measuring tasks. All the data is stored on the data logger, which allows cotumers to later evaluate the data as they choose.

KRAL Flow Measurement Smart Solution



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