Innovative Solutions of the Highest Quality for the Processing of Petroleum.

Petroleum is processed in large quantities. For that very reason careful handling of this valuable natural resource is imperative.
KRAL products for oil & gas.
KRAL products for oil & gas.
KRAL products for oil & gas.

For KRAL AG "careful" means that the safety of those working in the petroleum industry is of paramount importance to us. "Careful" for us also means that every single drop of petroleum is important. Proof of this attitude is provided by our API-conformant pumps, pump stations and pump systems as well as the precision measuring instruments KRAL Volumeter that measure oils and fuels in thousands of application with high precision.


KRAL Pump Applications for Oil & Gas

Screw pumps for oil & gas.
KRAL pump applications at a glance...

Three screw pumps for separated crude oil.
KRAL three screw pumps – the economical solution for the delivery of separated crude oil...

Three screw pumps for bitumen.
Indispensable in the manufacture of asphalt...

Lube oil pumps for high inlet pressure.
Magnetic coupling meets challenging lube oil applications...

The right fuel balance in multi-engine systems.
To ensure low fuel consumption, the diesel engines have to run at their optimum operating point...

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Screw Pumps KRAL for Oil and Gas



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