KRAL Three Screw Pumps for Machinery Lubrication.

KRAL three screw pumps provide high reliability and efficiency for crucial process machinery lubrication.
KRAL screw pumps for machinery lubrication.

In addition to the traditional horizontal mount, KRAL three screw pumps are available in freestanding vertical configuration as well, saving valuable space on the lube skid. Three screw pumps are available in iron or steel case configuration.

Flow range from 4 to 3,410 l/min. and discharge pressure to 100 bar can be attained at nominal motor speeds without the requirement for speed reduction gears.

The three screw pumps can also be directly mounted on an auxiliary shaft from the rotating machine being lubricated at speeds up to 6,000 min-1, provided a sufficient suction pressure level to avoid cavitation.

The low velocity and pulse free flow of the KRAL three screw pump assures low noise operation and freedom from cavitation.

Your advantages:

  • Quiet pulse low operation.
  • Hydraulic balance.
  • Ability to operate at high speed.
  • High efficiency.
  • Long term reliability.
Screw Pumps KRAL for Cooling Lubricants



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