KRAL Flow Measurement for Test Stands.

Our flowmeters are particularly suitable for test stands.
Test stand with KRAL flowmeters (red).

KRAL flowmeters have a wide measuring range and measure bi-directional. 

  • High-precision measurements at –40 °C to 200 °C.
  • High measuring precision of ± 0.1% of measured value.
  • Operating pressure of up to 630 bar.
  • Measuring range 1:100.
  • Every KRAL flowmeter is calibrated and is delivered with a calibration certificate.
    • Accredited calibration to ISO/IEC 17025 possible.

Measurement at deep temperatures.

Coolant conditioning is available for a variety of applications, for example for very high or very low temperatures. KRAL flowmeters measure with high precision even under extreme conditions.

  • High-precision measurements at operating temperatures of -40 °C to 200 °C.
    • E.g. water/glycol mixture.

Precise real-time measurement in both flow directions.
The injection pumps can cause pressure peaks and thus return flows in the pipeline. If the flow direction is not taken into account, large measuring errors can result.

  • KRAL flowmeters measure precisely in both directions. Return flows are recognized, measured and the measured value is corrected by the KRAL evaluation electronics.
  • Measuring precision of ±0.1% of measured value is maintained.

Cost reduction when measuring in combination with scales.
Test stand runs with fuel scales are extremely precise because the fuel consumption is measured at every load point for a long period and several times. If the test stand control system aborts the test cycle due to an error, measurement is restarted from the beginning.  

  • High fuel saving potential when the test stand run is preset with a KRAL flowmeter. The test cycle subsequently supplies correct values very quickly.
  • The installation of KRAL flowmeters amortizes within a very short time thanks to the reduction in fuel consumption.

Avoiding the necessity of several flowmeters.
During the functional test of hydraulic components, such as control valves of aircraft, helicopters and automobiles, a wide valve characteristic curve is passed through. When the measuring range of the flowmeter cannot measure the characteristic curve of a hydraulic component completely, two flowmeters of different sizes have to be used.

  • KRAL flowmeters measure with high precision across a wide measuring range.
  • Measuring range 1:100.

KRAL flowmeters for test stands
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