Fuel Consumption Measurement for Engine Test Benches – Quick, Reliable Measurements.

Efficient test bench runs using KRAL flowmeters.
Picture: Caterpillar Motoren Rostock GmbH.
Picture: Caterpillar Motoren Rostock GmbH.

Test bench runs made shorter.
To determine the power of an engine, the mass flow of the fuel into the engine must be known. Fuel scales are very precise measuring devices for engine test benches. To achieve the highest measurement precision, a long measurement time with the scales is required. Some measurement concepts even require multiple measurements followed by averaging. Long measurement times and multiple measurement cycles consume a lot of fuel. Test bench runs are therefore expensive. This applies in particular where new, extremely expensive fuel types are being researched. For a first estimate, this expensive precision is often unnecessary. The scales have a measurement error of about 0.03 %. KRAL flowmeters reach about 0.1 %, and in the system typically below 1 %, but indicate measured values immediately. Short measurements, still with excellent precision, save a lot of money.

Measurement of mass.
For power measurement and to determine the specific consumption of fuel, the fuel mass flow is required. KRAL fuel consumption measurement can be designed for mass measurement if desired. For this purpose, temperature sensors are integrated in the KRAL flowmeter. The KRAL electronic units have up to 2 density tables. The mass is calculated from the temperature and density.

Low operating costs are good sales arguments for engines.
Measurement of fuel consumption is an important parameter for operating motors efficiently. Since in many cases consumption data is part of the contracts when they are concluded, fuel consumption measurement becomes particularly important. Engine manufacturers use KRAL systems in the test area of engine development and on acceptance test benches. KRAL flowmeters fulfill the highest demands for precision and reproducibility of the measured values during the acceptance run.

Measurement log at a mouse klick.
The test bench measurement and log printout are started and saved by a mouse click. The engine operator and manufacturer use the acceptance log to judge guarantee questions. KRAL fuel consumption measurement is important for documenting the necessary head start over the competition regarding fuel consumption and engineering. It offers certainty, to minimize or exclude later guarantee claims from the onset.

First measured values within seconds.
KRAL flowmeters are positive displacement meters. The two spindles, with the case, enclose a precisely known fuel volume. The KRAL catalogue gives the volume which flows through the meter at each rotation. Spindle rotation is monitored via a pole wheel and a sensor. The electronic system requires only 2 pulses to form the measured value. With 2 pulses, the part of a total spindle rotation and thus the volume flow are known. That is why this simple functional principle provides measured values within such a short time.

Measurement logs of constant quality.
In serial test bench acceptance, it is important that fuel consumption measurement meets the highest demands for precision and reproducibility of the measured values during the test bench acceptance run. National calibration and testing institutes confirm that KRAL flowmeters are very precise positive displacement meters. The reproducibility of an individual flowmeter is about 0.01 %! Measurement precision and reproducibility ensure measurement logs of constant quality.

Consumption measurement for engines.

With various design sizes, KRAL flowmeters cover a large flow range from 0.1 to 5,000 l/min.

Flow Measurement KRAL Fuel Consumption Measurement for Diesel Engines



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