Double Stations DKC/DLC.

Compact KRAL double stations with numerous functions.
KRAL double station DKC/DLC.

Based on 40 years of experience supplying pump double stations to leading booster module manufacturers KRAL is now releasing its new reengineered design. The completely new design of these stations allows KRAL customers to offer the most compact booster modules and burners. The modular stations incorporate multiple useful functions for all applications with two pumps. Compared to single components you save up to 50 % space.

Pump double stations are used, if a second standby pump is required for safety.

KRAL pump stations utilize two screw pumps of the series KFT up to 230 psi or MF up to 580 psi. On request the pumps are available with hermetically sealed magnetic coupling.

Ensure your technological leadership through customized development with KRAL!

Your advantages:

  • More functions.
    • More safety with two pumps.
    • 50 % less space requirement.
    • Simple installation.
    • Available with magnetic coupling.

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