An Impressive Example of the Competence of KRAL in Building Modules.

KRAL expands its product range with the addition of compact pump stations series DKB.
KRAL double station DKB.

Double stations series DKB save valuable space, complicated pipe work and provide an optimum level of functionality.

In high pressure booster modules, single pumps are arranged in pairs to maintain the fuel delivery to the engine. So far, these pump systems are built with complex and expensive piping.

Now it is easier and cheaper!

The pump station series DKB is a compact and space-saving unit. You will receive the same benefits as our double pump stations series DKC/DMC. You will save valuable space, extensive piping work and you will get additional functionality.

The new pump stations series DKB can be equipped with KRAL screw pumps series K for a flow range of 58 l/min up to 284 l/min. Seal options depending on the application. The hermetically sealed magnetic coupling allows temperatures up to 250 °C. In addition, various heat jacket options are available for high viscosity liquids.


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