KRAL AG in the Marine Industry.

KRAL as a partner for daily routine at sea.
KRAL products for the marine industry.
KRAL products for work boats.
KRAL products for the marine industry.

Shipping companies are unfortunately facing a stormy passage currently. Fuel prices are at an unbearably high level and are the dominating factor in the ship operating costs. In future only those will be successful who have control over the ship operating costs. Investors will not invest in ships that have an expensive ship management.

Time and again we optimize complete series because refinery processes or the legal provisions have changed. Particularly successful solutions often come from customer-specific developments. Our customers value our expertise and the cooperative partnership. Their high degree of trust in our loyalty allows them to openly describe their problems for which we develop solutions.


All marine fuel oil flowmeter applications 
at a glance.
Fuel consumption measurement, lubricating oil measurement, differential measurement, bunkering...

Screw pumps and stations for low-sulphur fuels. Are you prepared for the next tier of the marine pollution rules?
The next tier of MARPOL, the regulations covering maritime pollution, have been in force since the 1st of January, 2015...

Hermetically sealed three screw pumps with magnetic coupling.
No more problems with mechanical seals.
KRAL has been making magnetically coupled three screw pumps for many years...

Solutions for cylinder lubricating oil measurement.
KRAL cylinder lubricating oil measurement for 2-stroke crosshead engines.
Lubricating oil is significantly more expensive than fuel...

The DKB double stations.
KRAL expands its product range with the addition of compact pump stations series DKB.
Dual stations series DKB save...

KRAL double stations DKC/DLC.
The new, compact KRAL double stations with numerous functions.
Based on 40 years of experience...




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