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KRAL Responds with Innovations.

Fillers in PUR are making matters more critical.
KRAL screw pumps with magnetic coupling for PUR.

To take advantage of polyurethane materials, manufacturing conditions need to be optimized. The process of mixing base components and additives is critical for product quality.

The contribution made by KRAL three screw pumps with magnetic coupling can be crucial here.

Your advantages:

  • Carefree-pump, as discharge, transfer or priming pump.
  • Avoid damage of the mechanical seal by fillers.
  • No damage of the mechanical seal or O-Ring by urea crystals.
  • Media-protecting transport without pulsation.
  • No blistering at the finished PUR-products.
  • Automated, complete venting of the vertically positioned pump.

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Screw Pumps KRAL for Polyurethane PUR



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