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Image Consistency in a Flexible Expo Booth Concept.

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Participation in trade fairs has been a part of communicaton with our customers for many years. Interacting personally with customers adds a basic level of trust to the business cooperation. The right expo booth provides an atmosphere that is comfortable and inspires positive interaction.

In 2014 we enlisted the help of the renowned communication agency zurgams, headquartered in Dornbirn, Austria. Their task was to come up with a new concept for the setup of KRAL fair booths for the expositions that the company participates in all around the world. The challenges to be addressed included the variety in trade shows and booth sizes, addressing different country markets, five strategically important industries and additionally taking into account the varying emphasis of the individual business units placed on the specific expo.

Thomas Gschossmann, the CEO and Art Director of zurgams, had this to say:
“Especially interesting for us were the internal aspects of KRAL that required special consideration on top of the conception along with the creation itself. The company was founded in 1950 and had already made the step from commercial enterprise to a leading, professionally organised industrial firm. The challenge of our assignment was in presenting the organisational structure visually, providing a useful means of orientation for booth visitors. Giving the impression that a company is simply presenting itself should be avoided here.”

The solution is as simple as it is ingenious: a modular system that has been perfectly tuned to KRAL’s company identity – it can be individually configured depending on the specific topic or size of the booth. A clear message about what KRAL offers is presented to booth visitors in an objective and sales oriented way. All of this leads to standardisation in visual brand presentation and communication in all countries.


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