KRAL Flowmeters Series OMP.

The new standard in fuel consumption measurement.
Flowmeter OMP.
KRAL flowmeters are displacement meters.

Because of the precision measurement chamber, with the OMP series of KRAL flowmeters extremely accurate measurements of 0.1% are possible. The turn-down ratio is 150:1.

Through a combination with the proven OME or OMG line, KRAL OMP is the economical solution for fuel consumption measurement. The rigid casing protects precisely manufactured spindles. That is why the OMP offers both robustness and precision. Economical retrofit for other low precision flowmeters.

The fast response spindles follow any rapid fluctuations in the flow. Every drop counts. Neither up- nor downstream flow conditioners are required. Pipe elbows and T-pieces don´t influence the measurement accuracy. Because of the high quality ball bearings, friction and pressure loss are low.

Your advantages:

  • Customized for fuel consumption measurement application including booster module and burner/boiler.
    • Flow range from 0.1 to 525 l/min.
    • Max. operating temperature 200 °C.
    • Max. design pressure 40 bar.
    • Accuracy of ± 0,1% within the range 1:10.
    • PNP or NAMUR output.
    • Standard with hybrid bearings. Robust and long life.
KRAL Flowmeters and Electronic Units



Type Approval Certificate Flowmeter OMP

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