KRAL Flowmeters Series OMH.

High pressure flowmeters.
With high pressure to an accurate measuring result.
OMH series. High pressure flowmeters.
KRAL flowmeters are displacement meters.

The OMH series of KRAL flowmeters is designed for high pressure application and can be applied to 420 bar, a high pressure rarely achieved by other flowmeters. This is an extremely sturdy design apparent by the meter´s thick casing and through bolts. The inside hides a high precision measurement device.

Your advantages:

  • Suitable for high pressure.
    • High accuracy.
    • Robust design.
    • No flow conditioning required.
    • Easy Installation and operation.
    • Follows any rapid fluctuations in the flow causes by pulsations.
    • Bi-directional flow measurement.
    • Multiple port connections available.
KRAL Flow Measurement




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