KRAL Flowmeters Series OMG.

Universal flowmeters.
OMG series. Universal flowmeters.
Flowmeters for a wide range of applications.

In most flow measuring instruments durability and precision are mutually exclusive, but the OMG series of KRAL flowmeters provides both. At KRAL, our core competence in profiling screw spindles guarantees precision measuring chambers in the meter. Extremely accurate measurements are possible and the OMG's operation is smooth and responsive. The flowmeter OMG has no problem in following any rapid fluctuations in the flow caused by pulsations.

The KRAL flowmeter OMG has an extremely sturdy design and is protected from external influences, such as plant vibrations and harsh service environments.

This flowmeter offers a wide range of applications.

Your advantages:

  • Wide range of applications.
    • High accuracy.
    • Robust design.
    • No flow conditioning required.
    • Easy installation and operation.
    • Follows any rapid fluctuations in the flow causes by pulsations.
    • Bi-directional flow measurement.
    • Multiple port connections available.
KRAL Flowmeters and Electronic Units



Type Approval Certificate Flowmeter OMG

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