Up to 32 Smart Solution electronic units. 
32 Smart Solution electronic units can be switched in series  and thus save a multitude of cabling and their Installation  in comparison to conventional measured data acquisition.

 Differential Measurement.
To ensure precise measurement one KRAL flowmeter  each has to be installed in the supply and return lines. Two KRAL flowmeters are required per engine. The difference between the supply quantity and the return quantity is the fuel consumption.

 Temperature 1 and 2.
The temperature of the fuel in the return line can lie up to 30 °C higher than in the supply line. The KRAL fuel consumption measurement detects the temperatures of the supply and feed lines and calculates the consumption for a temperature level that can be freely selected.

 Smart Solution integrated in the flowmeter.
Pick-up and temperature sensor are integrated in the flowmeter. The individual interfaces only have to be connected. The voltage is supplied via the Modbus cable.

 Smart Solution separated from flowmeter.
Pick-up and temperature sensor are connected via plug connectors to the Smart Solution. The individual interfaces only have to be connected. The voltage is supplied via the  Modbus cable.  

 Single-line measurement.
In the simplest case a KRAL flowmeter can be installed before the mixing tank.

The fuel does not flow smoothly through the lines. It pulsates and can even change its flow direction. If this effect is not taken into consideration, the consumption measured value is false. KRAL flowmeters inherently measure in both directions.

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