KRAL Electronic Unit Smart Solution.

Supply of measured values via Modbus.
Compact electronic unit from KRAL.
Compact electronic unit from KRAL.
Compact electronic unit from KRAL.

KRAL flowmeter with electronic unit.
The KRAL Smart Solution is a compact electronic unit to which a KRAL flowmeter, i.e. a KRAL Volumeter®, is connected. The KRAL Smart Solution processes the signals that the KRAL flowmeter generates with its integrated sensors in such a manner that measured values are available that can be passed on via the Modbus.

Up to 32 KRAL Smart Solution electronic units can be switched in series and thus save a multitude of cabling and their installation in comparison to conventional measured data acquisition. 

It is often assumed that the liquid in the piping flows uniformly and smoothly. In many applications, however, this is not the case. It can be very turbulent in the piping: The direction of flow can reverse briefly and unanticipated due to pulsations – caused by pumps and / or engines (consumers). Similarly the liquid can have different temperatures at different measuring points.

KRAL flowmeters supply very precise measured values like the flow quantity, the flow direction and temperature to the KRAL Smart Solution. The KRAL Smart Solution processes this information into a flow value. At KRAL we call this the "rectified measured value". If the operating conditions in the piping were not taken into consideration, a significant measuring error would result.

Your advantages:

  • Evaluation of two sensor signals for flow direction detection possible.
  • Temperature and pressure pulse compensation.
  • Mass conversion.
  • 7-point linearization possible.
  • Simple installation with only one cable.
  • Information from up to 32 flowmeters can be called up via only one cable.


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KRAL Flow Measurement Smart Solution



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