KRAL BEM 200 for Flowmeters.

Display Electronics.
BEM 200 display electronics for flowmeters.

The display electronics BEM 200 is a microprocessor-operated device for displaying the values of flow rate, total and accumulated total. The BEM 200 has been designed to be implemented in many types of applications.

Your advantages:

  • Local mounting on KRAL flowmeters series OME / OMP.
  • Simple handling.
  • Good legibility.
  • Scalable pulse output.
  • Transflective LCD.
  • Several symbols and digits to display measuring units, status information and key-word messages.
  • A backup of the total and accumulated total in EEPROM memory is made every day.
  • SETUPlevel is available to configure your BEM 200 according to your specific requirements (several important features, such as K-Factor, measurement units, etc.).
  • All setting are stored in memory and will not be lost in the event of power failure.


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Display electronics for flowmeters.
KRAL BEM 200 Display Electronics



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