KRAL Display and Processing Unit BEM 300.

Local display with Modbus-output for demanding measuring tasks.

To detect the direction of flow, KRAL flowmeters use a second sensor which detects the direction of rotation of the spindles. The BEM 300 display and processing unit uses complex algorithms to calculate the "effective" flow rate, less any return flows that may occur (e.g. due to pulsation in the line).

A Modbus output is available for the output of all raw and calculated data.

Your advantages.

  • Simple connection and integration.
  • Clear, legible display.
  • Simple menu structure and handling.
  • Detection of flow direction; return flow calculation and flow rate compensation.
  • Technical data
    Technical dataBEM 300
    Power supply 24 VDC (+- 20%)
    Operating temperature -20 to +70 °C
    Storage temperature -20 to +80 °C
    Dimensions 116 x 116 x 118 mm
    Protection class IP65
    Material  Plastic
    Weight 1.0 Kg
    Assembly  Wall-mounted, control cabinet installation
    Display LCD, 4 lines
    Signal inputs  
    OMG BEG 43D, BEG 44,  BEG 45 (+ BEV 13), BEG 553A/54A, BEG 06(A), BEG 47D/E
    OMP BEG 56A, BEG 45 (+ BEV 13), BEG 47G
    OME BEG 60A, BEG61A, BEG 62A, BEG 47C
    OMH BEG 44, BEG 45 (+ BEV 13), BEG 53/54, BEG 06
    Temperature sensor -
    Signal outputs  
    Impulse output 1x (max. 250Hz)
    Relay output < 0.1%
    Analogue output 1x (4 to 20 mA/ 0 to 10 V)
    Bus output Modbus RTU (RS 232/485), Slave
    Number of sensors 2 sensors
    Display Display of flow rate. Total, accum. Total.
    Additional functions Flow direction detection and backflow compensation
  • Operating instructions