Fake E-mail Warning.

Your Safety is Important to us!

At the moment, customers and suppliers are increasingly receiving fake e-mails from supposed KRAL e-mail addresses.

In the current case, the scammers send an e-mail in which questions are asked about open invoices and
outstanding payments.

Afterwards, the recipient receives an e-mail informing them that their bank details have changed.

Fortunately, due to the missing signature, the recipient became skeptical and the scam did not succeed.
Please be vigilant and rather ask if you are unsure.
Please note that our IBAN numbers always start with AT.

Fake e-mail 1:

Good morning !

Kindly Note: We are conducting our yearly bank audit reconciliation on our accounts and also trying to balance our accounts. While reviewing the
outstanding balances, we have some questions for you.
- Please can you send a list of the open invoices and outstanding payments according to what your records show?
- How much is the outstanding/open invoices and when is the exact payment date?
Also if you have not paid yet, please suspend the payment until you're asked to proceed.
Your quick reply will be appreciated.
Best Regards,
Angelika Bayer
Accounts Receivables.

Fake e-mail 2:

Thank you for your response. Your invoice statement is correct.

Please be informed that as we are undergoing the annual reconciliation audit on our previous account, we can not receive any payments on that account at this time.

Kindly update our account details which you have in your payment system to our updated account details below:

Beneficiary: KRAL AG – Wrong company name
IBAN: FR76 2823 3000 0138 8790 7045 922 - IBAN begins with FR instead of AT
Bank Address: 3 RUE DE STOCKHOLM 75008 PARIS FRANCE – Bank adress in France

We hereby advise that all outstanding payments for invoices from now on, should be made to our updated account details.

Meanwhile please note; We are Currently undergoing our annual reconciliation audit and also trying to balance our accounts. Therefore, We would appreciate it if you can help us make an early payment for the MAY invoices this week. This would enable us to achieve a successful audit for the year and We would be delighted to offer you a 5% discount for this kind gesture.

Kindly calculate and minus 5% from the total amount and then proceed with the payment.
Also please send me the payment confirmation copy after the payment has been effected.

We plead for your assistance and understanding on this matter.
Best Regards,
Angelika Bayer
Accounts Receivables.




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