Special Pump for High-viscosity Adhesives.

Series CLC.
Special pump for high-viscosity adhesives.
Series CLC.

The windows and windshields of vehicles are bonded in. The adhesive also serves the purpose of sealing. The window seal is, as is well known, very hard. The adhesive is supplied in a hermetically sealed state and leaves the cartridge highly viscous. When it comes into contact with the atmosphere it hardens and in places forms abrasive crystals. In addition, the adhesive changes with the vehicle modules.

The pumps that pump the adhesive to the assembly robot on the assembly line has to fulfill a number of tasks: they have to withstand the ensuing forces when high-viscosity liquids are pumped, the seals have to withstand the internal pressure of the liquid, no adhesive may penetrate between the sealing surfaces and form damaging crystals and it must be possible to clean the pump when changing products since the adhesives may not be contaminated.

The special pumps of the CLC series pump liquids up to 2 million mm²/s. The high axial force on the screws is taken into account by a reinforced support of the idle screws. Dead spots are minimized through Teflon disks. Since neither the usual mechanical seal nor the magnetic coupling can be used, the shaft seal is realized as a three-stage PTFE special seal with PTFE filling paste. Hardening of the adhesive at a product change is avoided through rapid emptying and cleaning of the pump. The KRAL pump for high-viscosity hardening liquids so designed so that the housing can be removed with just a few simple moves. The motor and pump foot remain mounted. As soon as the housing has been removed, the fitter can loosen the idle screws and the Teflon disks without tools. The small residual dead spots can be cleaned easily. Spindles and housing are only wetted lightly.


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