Great Success at the SMM 2016.

24% more visitors at KRAL’s booth in Hamburg.
Attracting attention - KRAL products for recent marine trends.
KRAL pumps ready for Condition Monitoring.
KRAL smart solution – connection up to 32 flowmeters to performance monitoring systems.

Hot topics at the SMM.

Industry 4.0 pump.
Thanks to their reliability and high durability KRAL screw pumps enjoy a reputation on the world market for outstanding quality. Our innovations can help you in difficult situations. A few years ago when low-sulfur fuels became mandatory in ECAs and reliable shipping operation was endangered, we were the first manufacturer to offer you a reliable solution in the form of screw pumps with hermetically sealed magnet couplings. Nowadays the topic Industry 4.0 offers particularly exciting opportunities.

EU MRV and IMO data collection and reporting.
Two directives will impact us very soon – the EU 2015/757 "MRV" and the IMO "Ship Fuel Consumption Data Collection and Reporting". In 2017 the method and the procedure have to be described in the Monitoring Plan (EU) and in the SEEMP (IMO). This will be followed by data acquisition in 2018 and by reporting in 2019. KRAL has been offering systems for fuel consumption measurement for more than 20 years. We convince with our practical knowledge, integrate our flowmeters into your monitoring system and supply consumption values in excellent data quality. If desired, we make an important contribution towards regulation-compliant monitoring plans by supplying the description texts.


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