Wear-resistant Partial-ceramic Pump for Polyol With Fillers for Continuous use.

Series CLX.
Partial-ceramic pump for polyol.
Series CLX.

Fillers are added to polyol if the properties of the PUR end product are to be improved. Fillers increase the rigidity, the abrasive properties of the PUR, for example for abrasive tools, reduce the flammability or improve the electrical insulation properties. Abrasive fillers wear down the pump housing, the screws and the mechanical seal.

In contrast to, for example, geared pumps the liquid flow in the KRAL screw pumps is not redirected. The shear forces are lower and the major part of the fillers are flushed straight through the pump. Thanks to this advantage against the geared pumps, PUR manufacturers choose screw pumps. The complete pump for polyol with fillers as a wearing part is accepted in the branch. KRAL has developed a special pump for continuous operation at which only the set of screws has to be replaced after about a year for many, but not all, fillers. In view of the wide variety of fillers, KRAL always has to confirm the service life of the pump order-specifically.

Replacing the set of screws is easy, because it has been designed as an insert part to make it maintenance-friendly. This pump of the CLX series has a robust ceramic housing and particularly hardened screws. The otherwise common mechanical seal, in which the sealing surfaces can be damaged rapidly by fillers, has been replaced by a completely different technology, namely the contact-free hermetically sealing magnetic coupling.




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