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Corona Updates.

Distance Warner SAFEDI Protects KRAL Employees Against Corona.

KRAL GmbH has taken a further step to protect its employees from infection with the corona virus. In a field trial, the SAFEDI device newly developed by the Heron Group is being tested in practice. The coin-sized device helps to "keep distance" to other people and employees. As soon as the minimum distance is undercut, optical and acoustic signals are released. 

The distance warner was developed in only 5 weeks to support operations and protect people. 

The system is anonymous and works without personal data. It is also autonomous, it does not require a mobile phone connection. The distance is measured via Bluetooth. 

SAFEDI can be attached as a clip to clothing or as a pendant on a chain. Correctly applied, the writing is horizontally readable and the LED flashes green. The battery is rechargeable via a micro-USB cable and lasts one day.

As a responsible company we do everything to be a safe and stable partner and employer. We are currently reshaping the future and even in difficult times we want to offer reliable products and services.

And this is how SAFEDI works.

Protecting the health of each individual has top priority in difficult times. That is what we are doing!

At KRAL, we have taken all necessary measures to protect our employees, customers and suppliers in the best possible way. As a company, we want to offer reliable products and services even in difficult times.

KRAL GmbH produces with minor restrictions in compliance with the legal regulations within the usual framework. The supply of our products is given.

We are monitoring the situation closely and are regularly informed by our suppliers about material availability. Should any effects become apparent, we will communicate in good time and find solutions.

Social contacts will be maintained, even if we have to forego direct, personal contact for the time being. We communicate digitally and can of course be reached by telephone and e-mail anytime.

We are here for you.
Stay healthy.